The Mama Bamba Way book

There is richness and magic in birth. Yet because we are afraid of its pain and power we turn our backs on it, choosing instead to sanitise it and strip it of feeling through medical interventions.

Yet birth is a peak experience that has the potential to transform us, and birthing with conscious awareness offers our children an initial experience of life where they are shown that they need not be afraid – that life in all its intensity is something to embrace, laugh with, cry about and cherish.

What others say about the book:

“A precious resource for parents to be, a reminder of the power and gifts that come from bringing mindfulness and heartfulness to the unfolding of the whole process.— JON KABAT ZINN (FOUNDER OF “MINDFULNESS BASED STRESS REDUCTION)

“The stories, meditations and lived experience in this book are powerful wisdom for expecting parents. It shows us concretely how to relax into, accept and transform the fear and pain of birth by coming back to the present moment to be aware of our body and mind. — THICH NHAT HANH (ZEN MASTER AND AUTHOR OF ‘PEACE IS EVERY STEP’)”

“Incredibly insightful – All you need to know to connect with your baby and give birth lovingly are here— JAN TRITTEN (EDITOR OF ‘MIDWIFERY TODAY’)”

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