Romantic Getaway

1/2, 1 or 2 day encounter for couples who have chosen to create your holiday as a conscious, connected time spent together in the heart of Africa.

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You may be honeymooners or you may be taking time out from busy lives filled with school runs, business meetings and grocery shopping, or then again perhaps you are retired and wish to spend some time celebrating the support you have given and received from one another over the years.

We are offering you a retreat space where you can slow down in the wild Botswana bush-veld enough to stop and listen to one another with appreciation and gratitude despite all the imperfections and vulnerabilities within almost every relationship.

We offer you soul integration sessions where through a Jungian process of active imagination you deeply see one another on a soul level. This work includes tuition in shamanic massage so that you can explore using touch as a means of healing communication. This can enhance the grounded foundation on which your relationship is built, ensuring that it is strong enough to withstand the earthquakes and tsunamis of relationship dynamics.