Merging with the soul self is like coming Home

Welcome to the meditation page. Here are a couple of guided meditation offerings and  short reflections.

Belonging on earth seems to be about landing in a world that longs to be seen and heard and loved. Meditation, mindfulness, heartfulness are the fast track option to health, healing, holiness and to transforming the consciousness of the collective.

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Walking meditation

I love this feeling of the landscape moving past me instead of me moving past it. It is as if from the very centre, where is there to move? The feeling is vast and ancient, but my understanding of it becomes so clear. In the immersion of being present all the way down to my toes, irritations, thoughts, and planning drop away, and a sweetly tender, sacred quality of God as everything emerges. Moment by moment, when I let go of distraction, I become the lucidity of God. Life becomes a dance where there is nothing other than the dance. And yet the steps of the dance are merely the form; it is the soul of the dance that condenses everything into the utter simplicity of the moment. Like Anthony Quinn teaching Alan Bates to dance at the end of Zorba the Greek, the dance or the walk, step by simple step, becomes a revelation. I become like a wild animal that cannot differentiate between form, movement, or the stillness within. The soul of the dance, the soul of each grace-filled step gives birth to this unbroken woman who emerges with a powerful fluency that could be as quiet as a bush-baby, as lunatic as a wolf, as unbroken as a feral horse.

A reflection on the 'sacred feminine'

One of the great things about living in Botswana is waking up in the morning to the smell of woodsmoke from my neighbour’s outdoor cooking stove and the sound of so many birds reassuring me that small pockets of the earth are still healthy. I sit outside wrapped in a blanket to meditate because it moved from Botswana desert heat to winter-frost overnight. I reflect on how grateful I am to have the time to sink into that quiet, inner place which has a captivating strength and endurance. And I recognise that it has tremendous power; the power to alter the electro-magnetic frequency in which I live. It has nothing to do with me, or with Robyn in any of her imagined identities. It just is. But if we are going to survive the chaos we have caused, we do need to learn how to tap into it.

A guided meditation for Anchoring the Sacred Feminine

Join me for a potent meditation on anchoring the sacred feminine into the earth’s electro-magnetic field.

The meditation is for anytime. You can use it more than once if you wish, it’s only ten minutes long. We live in a particularly dynamic time for tuning into and experiencing the energy of the sacred feminine. The more of us who do so, the bigger the impact on the collective consciousness and the closer we move to living in alignment with our own soul wisdom.

Meditation on Coming Home

So few of us landed fully in our bodies at birth. As a result, we live in our heads, disconnected from our heart wisdom and gut instincts.

This is a meditation for integrating the soul into the body.

A Reflection

We live in a multidimensional tapestry of denser and finer electro-magnetic fields that express how we experience ourselves individually, collectively and as pure consciousness. The chakras are vortex points within this field that anchor the energy into physical and emotional form. The energy flow is both energetic or yang and still and receptive or yin.