Anchoring the Heart

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  • Anchoring the Heart is a course designed to tap into the wisdom of the Cosmos and the love of Mother Earth
  • Our bodies are conduits for whatever we choose to bring through them; fear, love, anger or peacefulness.
  • What do you choose to transmit through your body?

Love in the Dark Times

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  • This course is an investigation into the ‘why’ of our individual circumstances.
  • Through listening, creative questioning, and taking care of ourselves and others, we destress, manage burnout and find solutions to our individual problems and anxieties. 
  • We learn how to play

Landing on Earth
Integrating Soul and Body

  • So few of us landed fully in our bodies at birth. As a result, we live in our heads, disconnected from our heart wisdom and gut instincts.
  • An exploration into arriving fully as a practice of integrating our expanded soul awareness into our everyday lives.
  • The course includes interactive discussions and meditations, reading material and exercises to complete at your own pace.