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As we drop into open-hearted living, we begin to feel the pulse of the Earth and all her inhabitants. Then to hurt another is to hurt ourselves. And at that level of connection we truly have the potential to change the world.


Deep healing intensives in an environment that is whole, integrated and naturally healthy

What is Soul Integration work and how will it support me?

Individual Intensives

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The Soul integration programme is an intensive shamanic 3 or 4 day one-on-one process that enables deep inner healing. You are carefully guided by your own soul wisdom to access the matrix of who you believe yourself to be. The work is facilitated through a combination of Jungian active imagination, somatic clearing of subconscious issues and a shamanic attunement to the soul’s knowing which understands exactly what each one of us needs to do to become whole once again.

Soul Integration is a deeply meditative process, like psychological surgery with your own soul self as the most precise surgeon. Your soul self knows exactly which issues you are ready to clear and which masks still serve you well on your life journey.

Group Retreats

Retreats are offered at intervals in beautiful settings in nature, either in the Okavango or the Makgadikgadi. Group work offers spacious time to explore our relationship to ourselves, to others, to our soul purpose and to the responses we make to our global crises.

The environment supports deep listening and offers a sense of ease and freedom for soul exploration. 

The most powerful shamanic work emerges from the Sacred Way of following a path with heart. Shamanism recognises each of us as a hologram, both individually and also a hologram of the whole. Therefore in healing ourselves we heal the world.

Unborn Child Intensives

Unborn child intensives transform your relationship with your child, because you get to know them on a soul level.
You and your baby deserve to birth with love, reverence and awe. It will shatter your sense of who you think you are, and it will blow your heart wide open. With luck, you will never be the same again.

Connect on a soul level with your baby; born, unborn, and yet-to-be-conceived in a natural environment that is deeply relaxing, nourishing and healing.

Doing so in exquisite natural surroundings amplifies and integrates the birth preparation. This is an opportunity to take your relationship to your unborn child and to each other to an entirely new level of wholeness.

What enhances the power of the work?

If we can drop into coming Home, (with a capital H), there is an explosion, and I’m not sure if it is like a Big Bang or the tiniest silent reverberation, that happens in the heart of the collective. What I do know is that it causes the consciousness of the world to shift into greater harmony and alignment.  When we hold fast to this surrender into coming Home, and trust that it is a life-raft in the sea of chaos we are all swimming in at the moment, a portal of light is created in the collective. It is no small thing.

Immersion in the African wild

Waking up in the Okavango is like falling through a veil into a long forgotten world that is whole, healthy and brimming with life. Hearing the cacophony of birdsong is a shocking reminder of how much animal, bird and insect life we have lost through our taming of nature.

When we stretch towards healing in an environment that supports us because it is so naturally healthy, the work feels effortless and it becomes easy for our soul selves to guide the process.

If we can experience healing work in a vivacious environment we are likely to emerge stronger, whole, embodied and filled with joie de vivre.

Grounding through the body

Our bodies have a natural intelligence that is integral to the sessions.

The intensive sessions are supported by time out for rest, relaxation and listening to our bodies.

Processing the sessions is supported by using the days to reconnect with our own natural rhythm and body wisdom in a supportive ecosystem.

The sessions often incorporate a shamanic massage that allows for deeper somatic integration of the work.

Supportive guided meditations

We offer optional guided meditations to support the intensives. Many people think of meditation as grueling or boring work, but if you find the meditation that suits your particular psyche, it can be nourishing and deeply enjoyable.

The meditations are adapted to suit our individual clients’ needs; we offer sitting meditation, meditations for walking in nature, mindfulness meditations while eating, chatting or listening to the sounds of the wildlife and most importantly meditations on kindliness.

Meditation is also an opportunity to merge with love, compassion, joy and equanimity. This creates a safe space for us to hold our imperfections and vulnerabilities tenderly.


"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"

From the expanded perspective of the Liminal Lands, gazing at our beautiful world filled with such immense suffering, it is strikingly clear that to heal the world we need to first heal ourselves. The best way to learn to surf the waves of life with skilful ease is to learn to love ourselves enough that we become fluid.

Our vision

Seeing beyond the ordinary.

Mother Nature loves and supports us unconditionally. Our vision is to bring people into alignment with the rhythm and love of the earth and then from the base of our feet bring her healing into our hearts where it can meet the wisdom and clarity of expanded states of being.


It is true that humans are unbearably, unbelievably precious. When we tune into the energetic frequency of love we have the ability to create a planet that broadcasts that love out through the Universe. 

Robyn has over 30 years professional experience in holding space for clients as they follow the guidance of their own inner wisdom towards wholeness and health.

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We talked a lot about the Divine Feminine and I kind of marvelled at how you facilitated the course, completely embodying that...
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